Bacon with Yellow Dog Sweet Shake for a Holiday Twist

Yellow Dog Sweet Shake from Mom's Gourmet is a favorite in our home to spritz up breakfast as well as a couple other treats which we enjoy!  It's absolutely amazing in French Toast, Pancakes and Waffles.  Our new favorite breakfast treat is using it on bacon!! Who doesn't love bacon?  This recipe is pretty straight forward and only takes 20 min to prepare in the oven.  We guarantee there will not be leftovers with this new twist on a side of bacon to start your morning off!!

Bacon with Yellow Dog for a Holiday Twist (Ingredients)

1 lb. of Thick Cut Bacon

Yellow Dog Sweet Shake


Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil- this helps keep the mess to a minimum

Cut strips of bacon in half and then lay on aluminum foil

Lightly coat each side of bacon pieces with Yellow Dog Sweet Shake

Heat oven to 400 F once oven has reached temp place bacon in oven

Bake for 15- 20 min depending on bacon thickness

Flip bacon at 10-12 min and finish baking and make sure not to over cook

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