“The West Boji Lunker” Walleye Sandwich by IGL Outdoors, Inc.


Here's a favorite of ours.....a Walleye Sandwich from IGL Outdoors Inc. which we call....

"The West Boji Lunker"

Walleye Fillets- deep fried with Cajun Shore Lunch

Thick Cut Bacon- cooked



Smoked Cheddar Cheese- shredded

Hoagie Buns- lightly butter and toast or grill

Feisty Sauce- light miracle whip with LOTS of Feisty Fish Rub from Mom's Gourmet

Fry fish fillets, cook bacon, slice up lettuce and tomato, shred cheese, grill or toast buns lightly and make up your sandwhich! Add Feisty Sauce to top it off for more of a zing!

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